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One of our goals is to address pertinent women’s issues with a view to positively affecting these areas in line with the Word of God. 
As Jesus Women we face a lot of challenges in our daily lives – in our career, health, fitness, beauty, style, house-keeping, cookery and how to spend our leisure times.
JW Affairs will by God’s grace feature articles that can help us in these areas. We ought to encourage one another.


By MomWise Latunde OnabajoI remember my first birth. The emotions, the relief—after pushing for more than 12 hours—the beauty of the moment, the loud shriek from her tiny mouth, the nurse exclaiming, “she’s here!”, my hubby being overwhelmed with emotions and excitement…I can go on and on with describing the moment but time will not permit. And as I’m sure many of Moms will attest to the moment, it was exciting but soon the reality of having a baby kick…

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By MomWise Olatunde Onabajo*Cinderella is an amazing thirteen-year-old girl full of energy, always smiling, intelligent, beautiful, and special needs.After Cinderella was diagnosed with autism at age four—though the signs had been obvious years prior—her mother said it was difficult to accept there was anything ‘abnormal’ about the child she’d prayed to God for and about. After six years of marriage and experiencing multiple miscarriages, she was losing hope of ever…

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BY MOMWISE OGECHI UCHEATUHave you ever had a work deadline, a family function, a doctor’s appointment for your child coupled with a list of unending chores at home all happening at the same time? That sounds like the typical schedule of a 21st-century mom!The question that resonates in our minds when we are going through the motions is highly correlated with “the balancing act”. How do we balance it all so that we do not feel overwhelmed? How do we prevent burnout?The issue of …

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By MomWise Sarah Okorafor I love my children so much, and I know that they love me (they don’t have a choice). They are so young (ages 3 and 1), so I know that it is important for me to protect them from harm.As Moms, we have the highest calling because we are the voice our children hear the most, especially in the early years of their lives. As they get older, there will be other voices out there that they will hear. The voices from society–which are mainly negative and can lead to …

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Unlike happiness, joy is gladness that is completely independent of the good or bad things that happen in the course of the day. Happiness is conditional, Joy on the other hand is not.

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Sarah demonstrated faith and obedience while believing God’s promises. She left her comfortable and familiar surroundings to launch her journey with God.
5 Daughters of Zelophead: These girls, Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah stood fearless and firm and as result reformed the culture of their day. Because they spoke up they reversed precedent and claimed possession of their father’s inheritance.

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