Complete in Christ!

Jesus Women is a global women’s ministry with a vision to raise generations of total women while empowering them to fulfill their God-given purpose. 
In this ministry, Jesus is our vision, and our ultimate. That is why we associate with Him, and are called by His name. We believe very strongly in the efficacy of prayer, and know without an iota of doubt, that God answers prayers.

Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye is the pastor-in-charge of Jesus Women.

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We are a ministry that supports the in-house vision of our Pastor (Pastor Ghandi Olaoye), and with him at the lead, we uphold the Gideon’s Company (the Men’s Ministry), in order to have a total package of our homes being under safe cover in Jesus Christ. This makes us an inseparable whole and a potent force in affecting our generation for Christ.