Beulah Ministry

Pemi Folarin / Coordinator in Charge

Mercy Luguterah / Head of Department

A body of Christian women who share fellowship with one-another in the presence of the Lord. We reach out to all mature single women who desire spiritual, professional and physical support in the place of prayer. This we do individually and collectively through focused social group activities, and seminars. 

Our Vision
To raise those women to spiritual significance, by equipping them to stand on the word of God and prayer, in preparation for God’s plan for them, and for a life partner.

Our Mission
We will:

  • Develop and maintain our spiritual, physical, and mental health
  • Believe God for life Partners and Children
  • Contribute to the local and global body of Christ

Raising women to spiritual significance,
by equipping them to stand on the word of God.

Focus on:

  • Individual and Group Activities
  • Quarterly Event
  • Travel
  • Book Reviews
  • Concerts & Conferences

Focus on relationships with:

  • Each Other
  • With Men
  • Individuals and Groups Within and Outside Jesus House, DC Community.

Focus on:

  • Monthly Prayer Meeting
  • Quarterly Telephone Prayer Conference
  • Outreach Programs Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Group Support

Focus on:

  • Doing Business Together
  • Share books that impact
  • Develop a Database of Resources
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Networking Opportunities

Meeting Times & Location

Beulah Group Meetings are held every last Friday of each month, from 7pm – 9pm.

Beulah Call to Prayer & Fasting -Conference is held quarterly – Notification via e-mailed evite.
Conference Line 218-862-1001 and the participants access code is 901715#

Venue: Jesus House DC- 919/921/926 Philadelphia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910