Jesus Women is a global women’s ministry with a vision to raise generations of total women while empowering them to fulfill their God-given purpose. 

In this ministry, Jesus is our vision and our ultimate. That is why we associate with Him, and are called by His name. We believe very strongly in the efficacy of prayer and know without an iota of doubt, that God answers prayers.

Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye is the Founder and  Pastor-in-charge of the Jesus Women Ministries.

We address pertinent women’s issues with a view to positively affecting these areas in line with the Word of God. We have ministries that address the following—Single females, the single mother, the marriage ministry, business & investment, Arts & Crafts, Health, Careers, Fashion, Conduct, Cookery & Home Management, and Spiritual issues. 

Existent and vibrant are ministries which take care of intimate and immediate feminine needs and coordination in areas such as;

  • The Joyful Mothers, that ministers to pregnant women and women believing in the Lord for the gift of the fruit of the womb
  • Home Builders – Homes for Christ! Raising a generation of married virtuous women who will build their homes for Christ through fervent prayer and the Word of God.
  • Daughters of Promise is the ministry that caters to the needs of Single Mothers.
  • Heritage International Projects (caters to abandoned and neglected children in Africa).

Our Goal is to raise up for posterity, generations of total women, nurturing some from birth.