By MomWise Latunde Onabajo

I remember my first birth. The emotions, the relief—after pushing for more than 12 hours—the beauty of the moment, the loud shriek from her tiny mouth, the nurse exclaiming, “she’s here!”, my hubby being overwhelmed with emotions and excitement…I can go on and on with describing the moment but time will not permit. And as I’m sure many of Moms will attest to the moment, it was exciting but soon the reality of having a baby kicked in (no pun intended).

First, it was the pain down below (I had a natural birth) but thank goodness for pain medications. The pain on my blessed bosoms as the milk started flowing in preparation for feeding my child—oh the joys of engorgement!

Secondly, we were discharged from the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great sign when you and your baby are discharged two or three days after delivery but without one of those wonderful nurses going home with us, I was apprehensive, especially of my hubby’s baby skills because he’d never changed a diaper and though I had as a college student/babysitting business owner, I was still worried that this tiny human being was going to be in our care all day, every day for the next eighteen years…or more!

Then the sleepless nights started.

God has given babies this special gift: the inner clock that works diametrically opposite the clock used by the rest of the world. Do you know what I mean? They are gifted natural alarm clocks, effectively waking you up about every two hours, smack in the middle of your REM cycle when your brain is about to hit the sweetest sleep spot. You reluctantly drag yourself out of the warm bed to attend to the tiny beauty crying as though they’ve been starved all day—meanwhile, he/she was fed just two hours prior. By the sixth week after delivery, you’re left wondering how a tiny human-being can be so demanding of your time and energy: sleeping during most of the day—except to feed and poop—and waking you faithfully at least three times during the night.

But I remember the first time my newborn smiled at me. I was in heaven for hours, reminiscing on her beautiful perfect lips slowly widening into her cheeks to reveal her toothless gums. I may have shed a tear or two…OK, I cried a river. Then she cooed and blew raspberry bubbles; slowly the cooing and bubbles became single syllable words and now full-blown sentences, five years later—oh the joys of motherhood!

I’m astounded at God’s plan for the lives of our children no matter the stage of development.

So for any first time Moms out there about to pull her hair out, please don’t. Hang in there. Soon the pain will abate, the sleepless nights will recede, the crying will become smiles, coos, raspberry bubbles, single word syllables and fully blown sentences!

Just prepare for the barrage of questions from the curious minds of toddlers and young children. You’ve been warned!

Children are indeed our heritage from the Lord…Blessed is the man and Woman whose quiver is full of them… Psalms 127: 3-5.