Proverbs 31

Dcns. Remi Duyile/ Minister-in-Charge

Audrey Omotayo/ Head of Department

Franciel Ikeji/ Asst. Head of Department

Laureni Ajayi-Obe

  • We are a group of Jesus women committed to educating and enriching the lives of women financially through Godly principles.

    Our Vision

    “To build a powerful and prosperous body of women that are financially and economically enabled through counseling in the Word of God”

    Our Mission

    • Equip women to learn, apply and teach God’s financial principles.
    • Empower women financially so that we may be free to serve and help fund the “Great Commission”
    • Teach women how to grow our income in a difficult job market
    • Teach women how to create wealth on the little we have
    • Help women on how to raise smart children to finish rich
    • Educate women on how to spend wisely, establishing security, and aligning money with our values.
    • Educate women on how to attract greater wealth personally and financially in our lives
    • Inspire women to start planning today for a secure financial future.
    • Encourage women to be financially stable to support God’s work and balance their life.

Enriching the Lives of Women Financially
through Godly Principles.

  • Establish a savings plan for all new born babies whose mothers were active participants and attendees at the Joyful Mothers’ ministry
  • Create an investment club amongst Jesus Women
  • Develop and Maintain financially savvy women for Christ
  • Provide the necessary tools-information and education to our members so that they can better manage their finances
  • Help women to take control of their financial futures
  • Expose women to a wealth creation process.
  • Create female bodies that embrace the act of saving
  • Create an awareness of this ministry
  • Attract all members of the community to join this ministry
  • Provide on going counseling to members on wealth creation and sustenance
  • Provide members with the resources that enable them to build wealth
  • Prosperity through Christ
  • Jesus Christ is the foundation of all success
  • All Christians should prosper economically and financially
  • Caring about our community and their financial stability
  • Fostering financial empowerment through wealth creation and management

Membership Eligibility

  • Must belong to a Jesus House, DC (JHDC) cell group
  • Must be a tithe paying member
  • Must be a member of the Joyful Mothers’ ministry
  • Must have attended the Joyful Mothers’ meetings 80% of the time before and during pregnancy