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Mrs Biola Adekunbi / Coordinator

The JW Outreach Ministry aims to reach out to women of all ages, express love, share faith, create social welfare and a forum of hope in life.

Our Mission
Our mission is to reach out and translate the love of God to women in the Community who have been economically and socially displaced by embracing and reaching out to them in donations. The JW Outreach also aims to plan and coordinate activities for the generality of the Jesus Women Ministries by creating time for social events.

Our Vision
The JW Outreach provides support, encouragement, quality activities, and fellowship for women within the Jesus Women Ministry.   JW Outreach reaches out to Women in the Community (through the King’s Table Ministry) in philanthropy in order to extend the love of Christ to these less privileged and battered women, give them hope, and give them a deep and genuine feeling of relevance in the scheme of things.

  • Phone : 301-650-1900
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  • Fax : 301-650-1901

Reaching out and Translating
the Love of God to Women in the Community


Jesus Women in April 2006 took a trip to the Sight and Sound Millennium Theatre in Lancaster Pennsylvania to watch “Behold the Lamb”.   

On the 27th of May 2006, as part of the Annual Ultimate Woman Conference activities, the Jesus Women Ministries donated non-perishable personal items to the House of Ruth, an All Women Shelter in Washington DC. 

A Summer Outing for Jesus Women.  A time to relax and leave the children, Spouses, and work related hustle and bustles behind.  A time out at the Spa, to the Beach, Splash Parks, Water Aerobics, and other fun Table games of Ludo, Snakes & Ladders; followed by a delicious cuisine time out at a nice Restaurant.  

Our Programs include:

  • Mothers and Daughters Day Out.  
  • Mothers and Sons Day Out.  
  • Father and Daughters Day Out. 
  • Fathers and Sons Day Out. 
  • Reaching out, adopting and providing for the Motherless babies homes in Africa. 
  • Adopt a school in Africa and reaching out in the area of school supplies, equipments for the Home Economics Laboratories and their Science Laboratories.